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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I'm A Person, Not Your Fetish

            Like anyone else, I like being found attractive. When someone says “You’re cute” or “you’re hot” or anything like that it’s a nice compliment, and a nice self-esteem boost. Even being told specific things are attractive is nice. Compliments on my eyes are probably the most common one. But there is one phrase that always bothers me.

             “Trans women/men are hot.” Now, this depends on context of course. Sometimes it can be a good phrase. It can be used to say “trans people can be just as hot as anyone else.” But that’s not always the case.

              Too often when someone says “trans women are hot” they mean they have a “thing” for trans women. And the same for trans men. They’re not saying “trans people can be attractive too” they’re saying “I want a woman with a penis” “I like men that have a vaj” or in other words they’re saying “I like how you look, but also want you to have a specific set of genitals.”

               But the thing is, we’re not your fetish. We’re not some special category different from men and women. It’s not “Men, women, and transgender people.” We are men and women. We’re people. “Transgender” is just a modifier, another qualifier for what kind of men and women we are.

              Our genitals are not there to be specific to your attraction. We’re not a category. We are human, we’re people, we’re men and women, and we’re just like the rest of you.

Friday, February 20, 2015

God Doesn't Make Mistakes

It’s amazing how often you need to defend yourself when you’re out. Since coming out as transgender, I’ve gotten a barrage of questions, accusations, and flat out dismissals. It seems nearly every day I need to defend myself in some way. “Why are you trying to change what God made?” “Why can’t you just be happy with what God gave you?”

But by far, the most common statement ever said to me, in almost every conversation I have about being transgender, is “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

At this point it’s honestly almost a trope. I can sense the statement coming. To the point that I’ve started responding “Wait wait, let me guess, God doesn’t make mistakes?” And they’re usually very confused once I tell them, hey, you’re right! God doesn’t make mistakes! But what that means to them, and what that means to me are very different things.

Years ago, we would be on the same page. In high school I went to a boarding school and lived in the dorms, complete with chapel twice a day on weekdays. So, obviously I had to live in the boy’s dorms. It didn’t make sense to me though. It was weird, uncomfortable, and felt like a mistake. Why would I be in the boy’s dorms? I wasn’t a boy… was I?

But that phrase always stuck in my mind. “God doesn’t make mistakes.” So it couldn’t be a mistake! I must belong in the boy’s dorm! If I didn’t, why would I be put there? God didn’t accidentally make me male. So I went through high school believing that I was just being whispered to by Satan. He was trying to convince me I didn’t belong in those dorms, he was trying to convince me that it was God’s fault!

Of course, how else do you respond to whispers from Satan but by ignoring them and listening to God? So, diligently I went to chapel, read the Bible, and tried to silence “Satan’s” whispers. But the whispers only got louder. I tried to go to a Christian college to keep the feelings away. Again, I lived in the boy’s dorms. I had to convince myself that that’s where I belonged! Maybe then I could get the noise to stop. But instead, the whispers only turned to screams.

The only thing scarier than noise is silence. Dreadful, dead silence. And that was what I heard from God, was only silence. I started drifting away, I didn’t go to chapel services or church services. Every time I did, all I could hear was my mind screaming while God was silent. Or at least, I thought he was. Till one day sitting alone I heard something I hadn’t heard before, just one quiet simple sentence.

“It’s not a mistake.”

And, even greater, I’m not a mistake. This was huge for me, it was the first time I entertained a possibility that no one had ever given me. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not a mistake. Maybe, this is how I was supposed to be all along. But not as a male, no, I never was. I realized the thoughts that I should be female weren’t the lie, it was the opposite! It was the other voice that was lying to me, the voices telling me I was meant to be male.

God doesn’t make mistakes. I will continue to proudly say this. So what of me? I’m no mistake. I always get the question “Why do you feel you can change what God made, as male?” And before, I wouldn’t know what to answer, but I know now that’s cause there is no answer, cause it’s the wrong question!

I’m not changing God making me male, because that never happened! I never was male. The biggest realization I had was that I wasn’t made male and wanting to become female. I was always female, and this is my body. God didn’t make a mistake, he never does. God does, however, sometimes see fit to have some women (And men too!) have a different journey than others. But that does not make any of us any less of daughters (or sons!) of Christ.


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The purpose of this blog is going to be to chronicle and discuss my journey of transition as a transgender woman in the context of being many things including a child, sibling, friend, Christian, Anarchist, and general all around nerd.