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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I'm A Person, Not Your Fetish

            Like anyone else, I like being found attractive. When someone says “You’re cute” or “you’re hot” or anything like that it’s a nice compliment, and a nice self-esteem boost. Even being told specific things are attractive is nice. Compliments on my eyes are probably the most common one. But there is one phrase that always bothers me.

             “Trans women/men are hot.” Now, this depends on context of course. Sometimes it can be a good phrase. It can be used to say “trans people can be just as hot as anyone else.” But that’s not always the case.

              Too often when someone says “trans women are hot” they mean they have a “thing” for trans women. And the same for trans men. They’re not saying “trans people can be attractive too” they’re saying “I want a woman with a penis” “I like men that have a vaj” or in other words they’re saying “I like how you look, but also want you to have a specific set of genitals.”

               But the thing is, we’re not your fetish. We’re not some special category different from men and women. It’s not “Men, women, and transgender people.” We are men and women. We’re people. “Transgender” is just a modifier, another qualifier for what kind of men and women we are.

              Our genitals are not there to be specific to your attraction. We’re not a category. We are human, we’re people, we’re men and women, and we’re just like the rest of you.

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