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Monday, April 20, 2015

An Open Letter To Ichabod

Dear Ichabod,

            It’s been awhile since I’ve actually written to you instead of just posting your blog posts on my Facebook (You’re welcome for the views by the way!) How have you been? It’s nice to see you find time to make blog posts and perform church services. I enjoy some of your blog posts, there are a lot of problems within WELS. We may not see eye to eye on what all of those problems are, but we certainly agree that they exist.

            By the way, I find it really adorable and sweet of you to mention me on your blog so much, it’s flattering, really! I had no idea you followed me that much! And I thought you didn’t like me! I do wish you’d use different pictures though, I have much better looking ones if you’d like. It’d just be a shame for you to get into a stale pattern of using the same things over and over again. I see the banner on your blog change a lot, other things should change too! I’d be happy to help you out there, just ask J

            By the way, I just remembered back at MLC you came up in a class once. I personally think the teacher was unfair to you, and was unfair to Rydecki as well in the ensuing conversation. I hope you don’t feel too terribly misunderstood like I was. It’s an awful feeling for sure. L

            But enough about my experiences, this is about your blog. I think my favorite thing is the empathy within it! I mean, to see a pastor laughing at people and making fun of them with no regard to their stories or getting to know them as people to actually do anything useful with your time just warms my heart. The humor and blog views are such a worthy goal in place of making any actual effort to change people’s hearts and fulfill any real capacity of being a pastor. It’s a nice change from the usual humdrum of people caring about individuals and speaking to them on a personal level.

            I hope more people reach out and see the wonderful jokes you place at the expense of real people without regard to any sort of empathy or humanity. Empathy and caring are for liberals and contemporary worship anyway. Ah, look at me, telling you how to do your pastoral duties. I’m sure you’re much better at dehumanizing people than I am!

            Well, I just wanted to check up on you and commend you on your blog. I hope I’ll continue seeing me on your blog. I would hate to think that we might be drifting apart. L Hope to hear from you soon!

Warm Regard From Your Friend Amber <3

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