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Saturday, May 16, 2015

50 Things I've Wanted To Say But Never Said

We all have things we want to say but we don’t. It might be because we’re afraid to say it. It might be because there’s never been a good chance to say it. And sometimes, we just never thought to say it. So, I’m going to take this opportunity to just say 50 things I can think of that I’ve wanted to say, but haven’t said. (And it would be totally awesome is people commented some things they’ve wanted to say but haven’t said :P)

1.      “New Atheists” on the internet are honestly almost more annoying than evangelical Christians
2.      The term I would use for myself religiously is “Christian Atheist” but not in a way of “God doesn’t exist but I like things Jesus said” but more in a weird look at “God does not ontologically exist” and it’s kinda complicated and sounds pretentious but ah well
3.      Everything with Tyler Perry is awful. Especially the Madea movies. They’re racist sexist transphobic garbage
4.      Most of you that complain about feminism frequently post things that show the need for feminism in the first place
5.      dean john boggs, former dean of Michigan Lutheran Seminary, if you somehow manage to read this, I want you to know that I intentionally didn’t capitalize your name because you are without a doubt one of the worst people it has ever been my misfortune to know, and you caused horrible pain and damage at MLS
6.      Suicide is NOT a choice
7.      Soldiers are not worthy of respect simply by virtue of being a soldier. If they’re an asshole, giving them a gun and telling them it’s ok to kill middle easterners doesn’t make them not an asshole
8.      Also let me be clear that I do NOT blame soldiers themselves for our shitty unjustified wars, it is the politicians fault for using the poor of this country as pawns to kill the poor of those countries.
9.      That being said, if you are a soldier that enjoyed killing people in the middle east, you are a horrible human being
10.  Chris Kyle was a horrible human being
11.  Cops are not all bad people, but cops are all tools in the political game of the rich enforcing a corrupt system.
12.  Cops are not there to protect us, they are there to enforce laws, and often times those laws do the opposite or only protect the rich and powerful.
13.  Conservative Christianity is an inherently harmful system and holding those beliefs automatically places you in a role in perpetuating something that is actively harming and killing people, especially LGBTQ+ people. Whether or not you are a good person individually, the system itself is bad.
14.  Using “it’s my personal belief” is not an excuse and does not make something suddenly ok. I don’t care that it’s a personal belief, it’s still harmful and I actively hope that conservative Christianity ceases to exist
15.  Don’t worry, I also hope conservative Islam, Hinduism, and all other religions with conservative versions similarly should all cease to exist entirely
16.  All clothes and names should be considered gender neutral. A guy can be named Sarah and wear a dress.
17.  If you believe men are supposed to be the leaders in the family, you’re not following “traditional values”, you’re just a misogynist
18.  If you believe women should not be pastors/priests you are a misogynist
19.  Really, if you believe there is anything that men can be that women shouldn’t be, you’re a misogynist
20.  I’m totally ok with more than 2 people dating at once. If you want to have a 5 way poly relationship, go for it.
21.  I don’t care if you’re against abortion, if you’re for the death penalty or against food stamps/government aid, YOU ARE NOT PRO LIFE
22.  Spanking is bad parenting. Period. We have tons of scientific evidence to support it. It’s bad. Stop.
23.  “Male” and “Female” are not the only genders and we need to stop pretending that they are
24.  Drugs need to be decriminalized and we should treat addicts as patients, not criminals
25.  If you are not actively speaking out against discrimination, you are implicitly aiding in it. In other words, yes, if you are not with us, you ARE necessarily against us
26.  In all reality, teens and young adults are better than the older generations, get over it
27.  Technology is not destroying humanity. Get over your fetishization of “the good old days”
28.  Saying that poor people or mentally ill or disabled people should not be allowed to reproduce is literally eugenics (Which is literally Hitler)
29.  If you complain more about people abusing food stamps than by the fact that even with food stamps we have people that can’t afford to feed their family, you’re a bad person
30.  If you complain about “Why isn’t there white pride?” You’re either historically ignorant, or racist
31.  If you complain about “Why isn’t there straight pride?” You ARE ignorant, and probably a homophobe
32.  I don’t care that “phobe” means fear and you’re “not afraid of gay people.” Words change, it’s culturally come to mean someone that disapproves of homosexuality. So get over it… homophobe
33.  I would almost prefer a Republican over a Libertarian, cause at least Republicans worship God rather than the “free market”
34.  We are not a free country.
35.  Troops do not fight for our freedom, they fight for global corporate and political interests to serve the rich (And it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the rich)
36.  Churches should never EVER have an American flag in them
37.  The pledge of allegiance should not be said at school… or sporting events… or ever.
38.  The flag is not a symbol of freedom, it is a freedom of state oppression, discrimination, and remorselessly killing members of Muslim countries
39.  I would happily burn an American flag
40.  I don’t “hate America” or “Americans.” I hate oppressive states. So calm down
41.  I fully support the Baltimore rioters and other people rioting over social injustice
42.  If you’re more concerned about broken windows and people stealing things to live than by police killing black people, you’re a bad person
43.  “Sticks and stones” is a BS lie, and words are infinitely more painful
44.  If your solution to bullying is telling kids to toughen up, you are one of the shittiest kinds of people that exists
45.  If you think the Israelites literally committing genocide in the Old Testament was ok because “God told them to” you’re a bad person
46.  If you think people are poor cause they’re “lazy” you’re ignorant AND a bad person
47.  If you support “American Family Association” or “Family Research Council” or other similar “pro-family” organizations, you’re not pro-family, you’re just pro-discrimination           
48.  Voter ID laws are discriminatory dog whistle politics meant to keep poor people and especially black people from voting. They’re bad, mmkay
49.  Don’t misunderstand what I said earlier, I don’t think certain things are bad cause they disagree with me, I think they’re bad cause they actively contribute to discrimination.
50.  I love my family to death, they will always be my family, I will always love them and be kind to them and want to see them… but for the past two years, I have hated the beliefs of everyone in my family, and I actively hope for they leave Conservative Christianity (NOT Leave Christianity, just conservative Christianity. I want all of you to leave WELS and the Baptist church and such. As in, I actively hope for it to happen.)

-end rant-

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