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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Things Pro-LGBT Folk Need To Stop Saying

Obviously as stated multiple times in this blog I am very pro-GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) or as most people know it, LGBT. So this obviously is not meant to be anti-LGBT in any way. However, having grown up going to Christian schools and learning Christian doctrine heavily and having had very conservative views most of my life, there are a lot of things I hear as arguments from the LGBT community that well... need to stop, for a lot of reasons. Especially since many times when something is said that is wrong, it makes us look bad and like we don’t know what we’re talking about. For instance.

Stop saying “Well, do you eat shellfish or wear clothing of two fabrics?”
Now don’t get me wrong. Christians reallllly need to stop using Leviticus to defend their position. Unless you plan on killing gay people, shut the hell up and stop using Leviticus. But that also isn’t the only thing used to defend the position. See, when someone says they believe homosexuality is a sin because of the Bible, if they know what they’re talking about they don’t mean Leviticus.
Leviticus was a set of codes that were given specifically to the Israelites. And don’t pull the whole “If Christians don’t like something they use the ‘context’ argument!” Cause guess what? Context is, in fact, important. And the context is that is literally says it is being given to the Israelites. There are, in fact, New Testament passages that are purported to address homosexuality. I won’t get into all the arguments about it, but the point is there is more than Leviticus, which was for the Israelites, and Jesus is said to have fulfilled the law, so everyone stop using it.

Stop saying that Christians condemn you for who you are (But that doesn’t mean they don’t condemn you)
This one is another one that comes up a lot. Christians condemning gay people for who they are. And in some cases that is in fact true. However, the views on it are much more different than most people think. Many Christians do not view being homosexual itself as a sin or something that will send you to hell. Instead they view that doing sexual acts with the same sex is the sin.
Now don’t misunderstand me. That view is still wrong and harmful. However, it’s an important nuance when we try to open people’s minds. Because if we are saying one thing and they are thinking another, we reach an impasse. We may be condemned for loving, but it is not the same sex attraction itself that is believed to be sinful. Instead, I would say we are being condemned for living out who we are.

Please stop using the “born this way” argument
Now, I’m obviously not questioning whether or not we can help the feelings. We obviously can’t help it, it’s just a part of who we are. However, for one, the science isn’t totally well understood on this subject. But also… who cares? Why does it matter whether or not we’re born this way? If it turns out that it wasn’t a part of how we’re born… would you suddenly declare that we were wrong? Hell, even if we could choose it, that wouldn’t make it wrong! When we use this argument, we give the leverage that if the root of it is something else, it could be wrong. Whether or not we were born this way is irrelevant, cause it’s us regardless.

Also please stop using the “animals do it too” argument
This really is the same thing. Animals do a lot of things. Some animals eat their own poop. Animals also don’t drive cars or develop video games. What animals do has nothing to do with what we do. And whether or not animals do it is irrelevant. And I get it, it’s the whole “natural” argument. Driving a car is not natural. That doesn’t make it wrong. Whether or not something is natural is irrelevant.

Basically what I’m getting at with this quick post is… don’t give into their views. They’re the ones saying it’s “unnatural” or a “choice” and so many things like that. And when we say “Well it’s totally natural and not a choice!” we’re giving in to their premise. We’re saying if it is, then it would be wrong. No, instead, say “Even if it is a choice, it’s my choice to make, not yours.” Don’t accept their premise, and don’t talk where you don’t have enough knowledge. Then maybe we can reach out to them.

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